Production Facilities

High Volume Production

  • NXP Nijmegen, Front-End and Back-End
  • Sencio (Packaging)
  • Nedcard (Packaging Smart Cards)
  • High Tech Factory (various companies)
  • Ampleon

Prototyping & Low Volume Production
  • Else Kooi Lab at TU Delft offers a very flexible processing line for integrated devices. The standard bipolar processing line is suitable to make complete active devices from mask design to packaging. Dimes TC can fabricate MEMS devices, unique active devices, sensors, antennas, gas/Liquid injection systems, biomedical systems, etc.
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  • High Tech Factory is situated on the green campus of the University of Twente in Enschede and accommodates many companies engaged in high-quality development and production. The production facility is located near the new NanoLab of MESA+ research institute, one of the world’s largest research institutes in the field of nanotechnology. The NanoLab is open to the companies established in High Tech Factory. Here researchers work on revelatory ideas, developing prototypes and even produce small-scale series.
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  • Philips Innovation Services in Eindhoven offers world-class expertise, service and infrastructure enabling the customers to carry out high tech research in most efficiently. In a world of increasing technological complexity, MiPlaza provides fast and cost-effective access to the advanced technology and know-how that helps you accelerate your pace of innovation. Located at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, MiPlaza operates in an Open Innovation environment, working with high tech global companies, start-ups, research institutes and entrepreneurs in a networked ecosystem, forming a cradle of innovation and business creation.
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