Sharing Equipment, Services & Facilities

Research has shown that SMEs in semiconductors are experiencing similar challenges with regard to access to professional electronic design automation (EDA) tools. These tools are crucial for the design of electronics, as well as for testing equipment and facilities. The costs of EDA tools are often very high for SMEs to compete for design contracts against larger organizations (OEMs).

Shared EDA Business Cluster Semiconductors (BCS), supported by a small group of companies, took the initiative to solve the EDA problem for SMEs and in 2009 established the Shared EDA association. Its mission is to strengthen competitiveness and increase innovation in SMEs by making professional EDA tools available to you at a competitive price.
For more information, see Shared EDA Overview.

Novio Tech Campus

The joint Novio Tech Campus (NTC) marked its start in Nijmegen in October 2012. This campus, set up on the NXP site, will provide various facilities to innovative companies in the semiconductor, life science and medical sector that may wish to settle in the Nijmegen region. NTC strives to create a place where innovations work and where sharing is growing, all the while creating a knowledge-based, production-driven community.
During the summer of 2013 the first entrepreneurs will establish themselves in this new location. For more information please contact:
Rikus Wolbers, NTC Director T: 06-28 87 60 81 E: