Ascentítec Europe


Ascent'tec B.V. has years of experience in the Semiconductor industry serving the manufacturing and capital equipment sectors.

Ascent'tec's home office is located in the Netherlands. Ascent’tec has a U.S. office in Tempe, AZ and an office in Austin, Texas.

Ascent'tec supports CMP, Clean, RTP, CVD, Implant, Etch and Metrology semiconductor systems from most manufacturers.

Ascent'tec offers:

  • Semiconductor Equipment Refurbishment to O.E.M./Custom Specifications
  • Semiconductor Installation/Deinstallation and Semiconductor Equipment Startup
  • Semiconductor Equipment Sales, Spare Parts Sales, Parts Sourcing
  • Technical Staffing and Engineering Support Training

Ascent'tec Europe
Location in The Netherlands
Activities in The Netherlands
Service, sales
Number employed in The Netherlands
2 (Source: Chamber of Commerce, december 2010)
Country of origin
The Netherlands

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