Company description
Reden (Research Development the Netherlands) is a passionate, innovative and creative engineering consultancy and excels in developing high performance complex products and systems. Reden's multi physical approach on design problems is centered around technical mechanics and finds its way into numerous sectors such as automotive, consumer goods, energy, medical, industrial equipment and aeronautical system.


Core activities

The company is active in:

·         System Design

·         Multi Physics Modeling & Simulation


Market areas

High Tech OEM


Products / services / solutions

Reden's virtual models include non-linear and viscous elastic behaviour, plastic deformation and complex, in-house developed material models. Using Design of Experiments (DoE) techniques Reden can establish relations between design parameters and product performance and examine the robustness of the overall design (Design for 6 Sigma).

Sector Industry
Location in East Netherlands Hengelo
Activities in East Netherlands Modeling & Simulation
Company size range 16
Country of origin The Netherlands