De Koningh Advanced Technology (DKAT)


De Koningh Advanced Technology (DKAT) develops hightech mechatronic equipment and systems. DKAT is a flexible and client-oriented partner for machine manufacturers (OEMs) and high-end R&D organisations.

DKAT works for institutions in a range of areas such as laboratories and companies in the semiconductor and IT sector. Clients who choose to make use of our expertise are able to focus their full attention on their core business, such as research and the marketing and sales of their products.

Semiconductor equipment has to meet high standards on accuracy, ultra-high vacuum compatibility and anti-magnetic properties. The experience of DKAT in engineering, manufacturing and assembly of wafer positioning equipment and back-end tooling guarantees that your product will meet your expectations.
DKAT is an all-round partner with a high delivery reliability. We can take care of any part of your project, from only parts production to realization of a product from scratch, from one-off to series production for years.

After the product requirements are evaluated, 3D-engineering and FEM analysis by our engineering team provide the information for manufacturing.

Our workshop provides all equipment for turning, milling and grinding parts of all kinds of metals, non-ferro materials and engineering plastics. Non-standard materials such as molybdene and titanium are on stock in our workshop, whereas special components such as ruby positioning parts and lenses are provided by a large network of certified suppliers. You can outsource your supply chain management completely to DKAT.

Laminair flow workbenches and a cleanroom provide the right environment at DKMS for assembly of critical mechanical and optical parts. Our personnel is skilled in all kind of assembly techniques including glueing with high-tech adhesives.

Our wide experience in wiring and testing of electromechanical assemblies guarantees that your product will meet the quality standards required.

DKAT can also assist you in CE-marking your product according to the Machinery Directive or the directives for laboratory- and test equipment. Depending on the project we can offer you limited CE consultancy up to assistance leading to a complete CE certification traject.

De Koningh Advanced Technology


Technology, Semiconductors

Location in the Netherlands


Activities in the Netherlands

R&D, prototyping, manufacturing, assembling

Number of employed in the Netherlands

± 30 (Source: DKAT, 2012)

Country of origin

The Netherlands

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