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NanoPhysics B.V. is an independent analytical service lab providing integral solutions for industries like e.g., semiconductor, automotive, pharmaceutics, renewable energy and nanotechnology. Besides we serve R & D departments, research institutes, suppliers, universities and high tech companies. We offer services related to Materials Characterisation, Chemical & Failure analysis, Optical & Electron Microscopy and Quality Control. With deep analytical knowledge and a balanced view of strategy, process and technology we can support in the understanding and improvement of your product

Based on our experience in the past 15 years we have noticed the lack of awareness when it comes to analytical services. In many situations a case cannot be solved using one single technique. Due to our unique cooperation with complementary highly qualified partner laboratories offering different analysis techniques we can ensure a complete solution. This is beneficial for your company having minimum administrative overheads, fast turnaround time and the best analysis technique available.

NanoPhysics B.V. is highly skilled in Focused Ion Beam (FIB) microscopy, Integrated Circuit Edit, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and advanced TEM sample preparation with imaging (STEM-HAADF). Due to our experience and access to state-of-art equipment and specialists we are able to guarantee high quality analysis results.

Services (related to semiconductor industry)

  • Failure Analysis
    SEM, TEM, FIB and Circuit Edit
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Materials Characterisation
    SEM, TEM, Dual Beam FIB cross sectioning
  • Quality Control
    2D and 3D X-ray, SAM, Bond wire pull- and shear test, Reliability tests, Optical Microscopy



Material analysis

Location in East Netherlands


Activities in East Netherlands

R&D, Production, Research, QC, Circuit Edit

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The Netherlands

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