Trymax,has established itself as a reputable supplier of advanced resist removal and plasma etching tools to the global semiconductor industry,

Trymax launched its NEO series of tools in 2009. The tools incorporate the very latest hardware and software features, and offer a wide range of processing capability and flexibility.

Trymax NEO Products

NEO 3000 Dual chamber high productivity platform with full bridge tool capability for 300mm & 200mm wafers
NEO 2000 Dual chamber high productivity platform for processing of 200mm, 150mm & 200mm wafers
NEO 200/300 A single chamber tool, ideal for Universities, and customers with lower volume requirements

Trymax has developed a range of different process modules for use on its various NEO platforms
High temperature microwave downstream module
RF based etching module
Low temperature dual source (RF+ Microwave) module

With these different chamber configurations, the NEO can be used for a wide range of processes including
Ashing of photoresist including high dose implanted and post etch material
Controlled resist removal and descum processes
Surface modification processes (eg. smoothing, passivation, anodisation)
Removal of films such as silicon nitride, silicon carbide, some thin metal films
Dry film and organic polymer removal

Trymax has dedicated equipment assembly premises, a spare parts warehouse and a fully equipped customer demonstration facility at its Nijmegen headquarters.

We have appointed a number of service representatives to support our global customer base.
Currently we have fully staffed support offices in Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, China, Europe & USA.




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