Novio Tech Campus


“An A-location for high-tech(nology) and knowledge intensive companies” is the best description for Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen.
Novio Tech Campus will become a distinguishing business location with attractive architecture, good connections (its own NS train station amongst others) and special supporting facilities for cooperation, networking and (open) innovation. A campus for applied innovation (development and production) with a focus on semiconductors, medical/healthcare technology.

Both literally and figuratively the business park will connect with the knowledge and industry being generated on the nearby university campus of Heijendaal. It also opens up the special facilities offered by NXP as well as both universities in Nijmegen.

The Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen flexible cleanroom and lab facilities and due to companies like NXP and the Heinz Innovation Center has gained international prestige. The Novio Tech Campus also borders the building 52 Degrees, excellent office space of high standard.

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