Maser Engineering


Maser engineering is an independent Dutch company, located in Enschede, the Netherlands, offering high-tech support to all who are involved in micro-electronic engineering. They operate a wide range of advanced equipment for various engineering applications. Their engineers will maintain direct communication links with the customer in order to guarantee optimum project control. The engineering support is divided into three groups: Material Analysis, Semiconductor Engineering and Reliability Engineering. Located near Twente University, they have established a low level access to sophisticated scientific instruments and research institutes.

Material Analysis

New advanced products are developed and make use of new materials and manufacturing technologies. To increase the knowledge of the used materials and/or techniques we can assist you during troubleshooting and more fundamental investigations.
  • Non destructive Analysis
  • Micro-analysis
  • Surface Analysis

Semiconductor Engineering

Semiconductor devices often are essential for proper functional behaviour of modern equipment. Whether it is a consumer product or a sophisticated satellite, the manufacturer’s goal is to deliver a reliable product. Knowledge behind the applied parts is necessary for the manufacturing of reliable products.
  • Failure Analysis
  • Construction Analysis and DPA
  • First Silicon debug and FIB IC repair Centre

Reliability Engineering

Reliable electronic systems can only be manufactured when every components meets a certain quality and reliability level. MASER Engineering can support design and quality engineers with dedicated know-how and test facilities to improve the reliability of their systems.
  • Product Evaluation and Qualification
  • Characterization
  • HALT/HASS and Reliability Prediction
  • Certified according to the Quality Assurance rules of ISO 9001 and working towards accreditation according ISO 17025 for their core test operations.
Maser Engineering
Location in East Netherlands
Activities in East Netherlands
Testing, consultancy, Engineering support
Number employed in East Netherlands
17 (Source: Reach Bureau van Dijk, June 2006)
Country of origin
The Netherlands
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