NedCard was founded in 1995 as the first independent micro-module assembly house. Since then the company grew very fast, almost doubling its turn-over every year.
In 1999 the Smart Card broker ACG took a major share in the company to secure their supply chain of micro-modules. This enabled NedCard to grow further and increase the micro-module assembly production capacity. In 2000, a second production facility was opened in Eisenach, Germany.
In September 2003, as a result of a MBO, NedCard became independent again. Today NedCard has a production capacity of 300 million modules and more than 70 employees, capable of producing all types of micro-controller, memory, dual interface and contact-less modules.
The NedCard Head Quarters is located in Wijchen, The Netherlands. In this location the Company Management, Sales, Finance, R&D and Production are based.
NedCard has a second production facility in Eisenach, Germany.


NedCard’s business model is based on being an independent manufacturer and supplier of parts and components for Smart Card and RFID consumables.
We focus on 2 main markets:
  • Smart Card market
  • RFID market

Smart card market

NedCard’s activities in the Smart Card market are focussed on the assembly of micro-modules as a subcontracting service.
The customer provides the wafers that are processed into the applicable micro-module packages.
Although a considerable part of the world wide module assembly is done by card- and/or chip manufacturers, a clear trend towards outsourcing to independent subcontracting specialists like Nedcard is very much noticible.

RFID market

The RFID market is a rapidly growing new market with a huge potential. Today, NedCard provides contact-less and smart-label module packages for this market. It is our strategy to extend our role further in the supply chain by assembling inlays and pre-laminates for RFID labels, cards and tags.


The cleanroom is qualified class 100.000 according to US-FED-Stand.209 standards – in short this means that a maximum of 100.000 particles per cubic foot are allowed. Temperature and moisture are constantly monitored and regulated according to pre-determined and -set values. Further we have implanted a fully comprehensive ESD scheme preventing damage caused due to electrical static currents.
All cleanroom and conditions and ESD preventive measurements are monitored and registrated according the ISO 9001:2000 quality scheme.
Micro Module
Location in East Netherlands
Activities in East Netherlands
Sales, Finance, R&D, Production
Number employed in East Netherlands
49 (Source: Chamber of Commerce, August 2006)
Country of origin
The Netherlands
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