Micronit is an independent ISO certified supplier of high quality glass-based microfluidic components in the world market. Micronit has extensive experience and expertise in micromachining and microfluidics and is a key supplier to developers of analytical instrumentation in the life sciences and chemistry markets. Micronit is a reliable supplier and also a dedicated research and development partner for science and industry.


Many next generation analytical instruments used in fields such as blood analyses, drug delivery, compound screening and DNA analysis have a microfluidic or “lab-on-a-chip” component in their core.

The use of microfluidics technology enables:

  • Portable, hand-held laboratories
  • Point-of-care tests 
  • Minimal reagent consumption 
  • Faster test results 
  • Higher data quality 
  • Significant decreased cost per analysis

Microfluidic Foundry services

Time-to-market is critical for our clients. Reducing development time and time to market is key. Micronit’s years of experience in prototyping and product development enhances our clients success. To enable this success Micronit offers;

  • Great flexibility in prototyping and development
  • Extensive experience and expertise in both micromaching and microfluidics
  • A wide range of available manufacturing possibilities
  • Engineers with a “can do” mentality
When a product hits the market, ramp-up, product quality, security of supply, and product cost become key. Micronit understand these needs and therefore focuses on the following aspects;
  • Seamless and rapid ramp-up from prototype to volume
  • Quality assurance
  • Statistical process control
  • Supply chain management
  • Continuous process improvement

Research Tools

Besides being a supplier Micronit also offers a range of products for the research community. With these products clients can start their microfluidics experiments in a matter of hours. These products include:

  • Off-the-shelf glass microfluidic chips
  • An easy to use microfluidic chipholder
  • A prototyping service

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