MIT netwerkregeling

Within the Semicon Components & Circuits and the HTSM Semicon Equipment roadmaps, SMEs play a major role, where cooperation is concerned to realize innovations in this field. 
Our cluster of companies active in the Semicon industry has a very large SME representation and a spread over the entire semicon value chain. 
The network meetings organized by BCS as part of the roadmap HTSM Components & Circuits and the roadmap HTSM Semicon Equipment aim to realize cooperation between the companies, stimulate innovations and exchange knowledge and expertise.

Goal & Impact
  1. Stimulation of Crossovers from Semiconductor companies to different application domains: to stimulate the development of new applications through the combination of technology push ("what's possible") and market-pull ("what do we want") and innovation projects subsequently.
  2. Innovations in technologies and materials within the Semiconductor business in the Semicon value chain. By letting parties meet in the context of themes related to these new technologies, knowledge sharing and further collaboration will be stimulated.
  3. Stimulating internationalization. For companies active in the Semicon Equipment business, it is internationalization pre-eminently a must. Especially for small companies, it is a challenge to realize this independently. It is precisely here that BCS can make the difference through collaboration and joint initiatives.

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