Business Cluster Semiconductors (BCS) initiates various projects in order to support the development of an open infrastructure and shared facilities for knowledge retention/ development as well as for the industrial production of advanced microelectronics in the Netherlands. The following initiatives have already been launched successfully:

  1. Shared EDA more information
    Initiating partners:

  2. Advanced Packaging Centre
    Initiating partners:
  3. Production Service Netherlands
    Initiating partners:

Within these activities BCS launched the projects and together with other participating partner companies invested into the feasibility study and the development of the initial business model.

Other activities are being prepared and will be implemented in near future (Plug&Design Centre & Shared Services & Equipment).

BCS is also aiming at promoting semiconductors technologies and their companies to other promising innovative sectors like Medical Devices, Automotive/Smart mobility products, Energy, and Security&Safety by initiating Crossover innovation projects, such as for example I2I project - ‘Innovation2Industrialization for advanced Micro- and nanosystems’, which builds up and combines key industrial competences for micro and nanotechnologies for use in future medical and space applications.